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    Free Parking!
    Did you know that we
    validate parking for our
    clients? That's right,
    exceptional healthcare
    and free parking... all in
    one convenient downtown
    Portland location.
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At Blyss Chiropractic and Blyss Acupuncture our
focus is on the patient experience. The goal of
our team is to provide high quality health care in
an elegant and relaxing environment.

We are conveniently located in downtown
Portland at 111 SW Columbia, in the lobby level
of the Columbia Square office tower. Ample
parking is available in and around our building
and we gladly offer parking validation for our

Our clinic offers a variety of chiropractic
techniques, acupuncture and oriental medicine
services, as well as massage therapy. We are
currently accepting new auto crash cases,
worker's compensation claims and most major
insurance plans. The clinic is open Monday
through Friday with same day appointments and
walk-ins available.

If you have any questions, please call our office
(503) 222-0551 or send us a message using
our contact form
No matter how minor a collision may seem to be, it is critical the occupants of the vehicle be examined by
a chiropractor as soon as possible following any motor vehicle crash.  

Individuals should avoid the “wait and see" approach which is often advised for these injuries. This can
result in long-term pain, neurological compromise, and in some cases, permanent disability. In a matter of
hours altered muscle firing patterns in the body begin to establish themselves and within days scar tissue
is formed.  

Dr. Blyss is extensively trained in this area (see
SRISD), and therefore recognizes the importance of a
thorough and timely exam when these "fender-benders" occur. She is also trained in expert testimony for
cases that go to trial and can assist the patient in seeking legal council when IME's are requested. Please
don't hesitate to call should this happen to you or someone you know, and get checked right away!
Auto Injury Specialist   
Welcome New Staff   
We are proud to announce we have expanded
our staff and added additional space to better
serve our growing clientele.

Blyss Acupuncture is now open in a newly
remodeled space located in the same building
as Blyss Chiropractic. This beautiful new office
has a private entrance on SW 2nd Avenue and
allows our team to offer additional services
including Thai Massage, Moxibustion, Cupping,
Heat Lamp Therapy and Chinese Herbology.
Contact our main office at (503) 222-0551 to
schedule a visit with Aaron in his new healing

In addition to the new office space, we are also
very pleased to welcome
Dr. Jacqueline Laarabi
to the team at Blyss Chiropractic. 

Dr. Laarabi
practices an evidenced-based approach to
holistic health care. Her focus incorporates the
training from her chiropractic education along
with current research and her own clinical
experience. She evaluates patients on an
individual basis to incorporate a whole-body
approach to healing and health.
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