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Auto Injury Specialist   
For those who have been injured in a motor vehicle crash,
chiropractic care has been proven to be a very effective form
of treatment.  

Dr. Gretchen Blyss is a highly trained specialist in both the
care and prevention of injuries occurring from motor vehicle
collisions.  Her active continuing education schedule ensures
she is up-to-date on the latest in therapy techniques and
technical advances.  Dr. Blyss has found success treating
crash victims with symptoms such as migraines, headaches
and jaw pain or TMD.

Dr. Blyss has been certified as an Auto Safety Trainer by the
Spine Research Institute of San Diego (
SRISD) since 2010.  
She is qualified to consult with patients on issues such as
proper occupant positioning while driving, best ways to brace
for impact, how to pick a safe vehicle, and what to look for in
safety features in cars and child restraint systems.  

Dr. Blyss has advanced certifications in Whiplash and Mild
Brain Traumatology with extensive studies in Motor Vehicle
Crash Forensics and Occupant Crash Kinematics.  She has
even observed both live human-subject and dummy-subject
crashes during an auto crash reconstruction workshop.

In addition to prevention and resolution of motor vehicle
injuries, Dr. Blyss can also testify both on behalf of the patient
and as a qualified expert witness should the need arise.  
Having worked with attorneys and performed independent
medical exams for insurance companies, Dr. Blyss
understands the many challenges and complications that can
occur with these types of cases.
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