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Chiropractic care focuses on promoting proper movement of
the spine and extremities by applying an impulse adjustment
directly over a restricted joint.  This stretches the capsule
surrounding the joint, loosening it so the segment can glide
and slide more effectively.  Once this release occurs, the
muscles that are splinted and guarded to protect the
malfunction are now relaxed and let go.  

This adjustment helps to balance the mechanical forces on the
body to prevent abnormal wear and tear that can result from
acute injuries, repetitive stress, or postural overloads.  Muscle
imbalances that are long-lasting can make acute injuries
become chronic conditions.  Proper exercise and home
rehabilitation can address this to help strengthen the
balancing so the adjustments hold more effectively.  

In addition to restoring motion, this impulse acts as a stimulus
to the nervous system by enhancing the two-way
communication between the brain and spinal cord.  This gives
the body an improved awareness about its position in space
that can prevent further injury and enhance performance.

Techniques:  Our doctors utilize the following chiropractic and
soft-tissue techniques in their practice to address both acute
trauma and chronic conditions:

Diversified Adjusting - "Hands-on" manipulation to the spine
and extremities to restore motion and decrease muscle spasm.

Drop Table - Adjusting technique that utilizes a drop
mechanism in the table.  Ideal for pelvic and extremity
adjusting or for those who need a lighter treatment.

Activator - A hand-held, spring-loaded tool used to administer
adjustments.  Frequently used on pediatric and geriatric
patients or patients with spinal fusions and/or advanced

Pin & Stretch - A deep tissue technique that involves patient
participation of actively moving the muscle while it is "pinned"
by the physician and then stretched by the patient.

Gua-Sha – An Eastern tool used for deep myofascial release
of scar tissue and adhesions.

Ultrasound - A high frequency sound wave that transmits
vibrational energy into the tissues to break up adhesions in
muscles and tendons, decreasing inflammation and improving

Electro-therapy - Electrical current is conducted through the
tissue to decrease muscle spasms and inflammation as well as
enhance firing of inhibited muscle patterns.

Rehab & Exercise - Core strengthening and extremity
rehabilitation are essential components to obtaining health and
staying well.  Dr. Blyss has over a decade of experience in
fitness and exercise that she utilizes daily in her practice to
help her patients reach optimum health.