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Dr. Gretchen Blyss   
Dr. Gretchen Blyss has been in practice since 2005 and in that
time has treated a variety of conditions.  She utilizes an
evidence-based approach to treatment and addresses her
most challenging cases as creatively as possible through a
wide range of techniques.  Her greatest passion is in the
resolution of whiplash, headaches, neck and jaw pain/TMD.

Dr. Blyss practices diversified "hands-on" chiropractic and  
uses drop-table and/or an activator tool when needed.  She
incorporates several myofascial techniques such as gua-sha
and pin-and-stretch to get her patients better as quickly as
possible.  She continues to expand her knowledge by keeping
up to date on the latest scientific studies both through
personal research and by attending various specialized

Dr. Blyss attended Western States Chiropractic College in
Portland, Oregon and in 2005 received her Doctorate degree
with Clinical Honors in Chiropractic.  In 1995 she received her
Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Biology and a minor in
Chemistry from the University of Oregon.  During her studies
there, she was a research technician studying the early stages
of neural crest cell migration and differentiation.  Her
endeavors eventually lead to a published paper in the
scientific journal Developmental Dynamics,
read article.

Since her graduation from Western States, Dr. Blyss has
earned advanced certifications in whiplash and mild brain
traumatology with extensive studies in motor vehicle crash
forensics and occupant crash kinematics.  She observed live
human-subject crash studies during an auto crash
reconstruction workshop and is a certified auto safety trainer.  
Dr. Blyss also helped edit "
Whiplash and Mild Traumatic Brain
Injuries, A Guide for Patients and Practitioners", a reference
book for doctors, patients and lawyers.

Because of her extensive knowledge in these areas, she is
highly trained in the prevention and treatment of auto injuries
as well in their legal representation through expert testimony
should they go to trial. She feels good rapport with claims
adjustor's is essential and can assist the patient in the
navigation of  their case should they need an attorney or if an
IME is requested by their insurance company.