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Insurance Coverage   
At Blyss Chiropractic we accept auto crash cases, worker's
compensation claims and most health insurance plans.  
Because we believe health care is most effective when it is
easily accessible, we make every effort to stay current on as
many quality insurance panels as possible.  

Our providers are in-network with most insurance plans.
Understanding your coverage is your responsibility. Please
contact your insurance company with any questions you may
have regarding your coverage prior to your first appointment.

Please note that benefit quotes ARE NOT A GUARANTEE OF
COVERAGE OR PAYMENT. Coverage is based upon the
patient’s individual plan summary.

Patient Responsibility: The patient is responsible for
knowing their individual insurance plan coverage.  The patient
is also responsible for knowing any changes made to their
insurance plan by the insurance company or the patient's

Any charges not covered by the patient’s insurance company
are the patient’s responsibility.  We encourage patients to also
call their insurance company to verify benefits so that any
concerns they may have with their coverage can be addressed
directly at that time.

If you have further questions regarding your insurance plan,
please contact the membership services number located on
the back of your insurance card.