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Kristin Froberg   
Kristin Froberg is the newest member of the team at Blyss
Chiropractic.  Kristin came to Portland by way of New York,
where she went to school, and California, where she
grew up. Kristin has lived in Portland for six years now and
couldn’t imagine living anywhere else!

Kristin studied Communications and Theatre at Point Loma
Nazarene University in San Diego, and acquired an M.F.A. in
Playwriting from Columbia University. In her free time, she
continues to write, collaborate, and even see productions of
her works staged from time to time.

In addition to extensive experience with administrative work
and customer service, Kristin has also worked in admissions,
HR and recruiting, theatrical licensing, and even a brief stint
as a preschool music teacher. All of these experiences inspire
her to apply patience, compassion, a sense of humor,
and creative problem-solving to just about any situation!

Kristin is excited to be part of the team at Blyss Chiropractic
and enthusiastic about providing both the team and their
patients with exceptional service and assistance.